Mountain Bike Uplifts

We run uplifts on a regular basis and they are very popular. All four tracks are available during uplifts and we often enjoy the benefits of Campbell Coaching joining us to provide tips on improving your riding.

We use a tractor and trailer using the super popular system for holding bikes by their tyres avoiding damage in any way. Riders are sat down under cover towards the back of the trailer.

A typical uplift day comprises of between ten and twelve runs. We stop for lunch together which we supply free of charge. Uplift days are packed with thrills, spills and good spirited banter.


16-12-2018 9:30 am -3:30 pm
£10 deposit payable on line, £20 payable on the day

This event is a private uplift and is invite only. Please do not sign on unless you are part of the group. 


Mountain Bike Uplifts